1. What is the difference between Clear Float Glass and Superclear glass:
The difference is that the appearance of Clear Float contains a natural green tinge which will darken any coloured when painted to the glass. Superclear Starphire glass is completely clear as you see below.

2. What condition do my walls have to be in for installation?
We can install our glass on most surfaces that are reasonably level with no spots protruding. Surfaces include; rendered masonry, plasterboard, and villaboard etc.

3. Can you install on the existing tiled surface?
We sure can! This feature of our service also enables you to save on the overall renovation budget.

4. Can we supply and install to areas such as the North Coast and Wollongong?
We sure do! We most recently have had a number of projects in Wollongong and surrounding south coast suburbs like Kiama and Shoal Harbour etc.

5. Can we colour match?

6. How and Where is your Glass made?
Our splashbacks are all made from Australian glass, and are toughened and painted right here in Sydney. When purchasing a Bluecon Splashback or glass product, you are purchasing an Australian made and designed product with impeccable quality. Our glass is always polished all around, leaving absolutely no shortcuts for your enjoyment.

7. Do you have a showroom?
We are currently in the process of developing on site graphic design capabilities to give more assistance to those struggling to choose an appropriate colour or feature.